Report on the Situation of Asylum Seekers in Republic of Slovenia



Video, SD, bw, 36'
In collaboration with Maja Cimerman.

The film is exposing the life and the struggles of migrants in Slovenia. People who seek for asylum are increasingly being made the object of systematic physical and psychological violence. The Asylum Center has become an instrument for averting asylum seekers’ and dismantling the right to asylum rather than being an instrument of their protection. The film exposes the structure of the legal asylum regulation, its transformation, the disappearance of the right to asylum, the criminalization of asylum seekers, the systematic physical and psychological violence done to asylum seekers, the emergence of a European apartheid system, and the system of production of the “sans papieres”. At the same time, the film stresses the self-organization of the asylum seekers themselves, and high lightens the meaning of social centers and open autonomous spaces that self-organized asylum seekers and their supporters are using in their everyday organizing.