Za Slavo / For Slava, 2014
mixed media

The work is based on documentation materials from the Museum of National Liberation Maribor, folder number 1 – 7, Slava Klavora.

The work is about haunting personal and collective history and draws on archive material relating to Slava Klavora, one of the female members of Slovenian underground, who was tortured and killed by the German occupiers in Maribor in early 1941. After the war she was presented as a national hero. Among the text rewritten from the archive material - in a gesture of reenactment - there is an inscribtion on the wall. The very words that were engraved by the female resistance fighter in her cell: "Say nothing. Know nothing. Know Nobody." Beside the text their is a try of reinterpretaion of one of the few photograps of Slava Klavora.