The News Is Ours!

Newsreel 55


Spatial video installation: video, book and series of photography, archive material.





The exhibition presented videos, films notes, photos and uses images in order to explore the history and the economic dynamics of former Yugoslavia. The examined content opens questions related to the social and political shifts that determined the economic, political and social dynamics. Furthermore the exhibition is foregrounding the historical aspect of the experimental newsreel form presented by a selection of diffrent Yugoslav films. Documentary essayistic film practices in former Yugoslavia were a rare, but most precious form of political cinema. In the 1960s, engaged cineastes used them to probe various neuralgic areas and to try to capture on film what mostly remained invisible. The Record (Zapisnik, 1964) by Aleksandar Petrović, A Tear on Your Face (Suza na licu, 1965) by Stjepan Zaninović and June Turmoil (Lipanjska gibanja,1969) by Želimir Žilnik, three works that were made in different times and spaces and behind different editing tables, are rarely seen and noted and were shown besides the newsreel films done by Newsreel front today. Newsreel 55 by Nika Autor, Karl Marx among us by Jurij Meden, Solidarity by Nika Autor and In the Land of Bears by Nika Autor.







Jeu de Paume, Paris, France, 2014 (curated by Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez )
Museum for contemporary art Metelkova, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2015 (curated by Bojana Piškur)


In collaboration with Andrej Šprah, Ciril Oberstar, Jurij Meden


Photo of the installation by Dejan Habicht and JDP.